3745 Ohio Environmental Protection Agency  

Chapter 3745-1. Water Quality Standards
Chapter 3745-2. Attainment and Protection of Surface Water Quality Standards (WQS)
Chapter 3745-3. Pretreatment Rules
Chapter 3745-4. Surface Water Monitoring and Assessment
Chapter 3745-5. Water Quality Trading Program
Chapter 3745-7. Water Supply Works and Wastewater Works Personnel
Chapter 3745-9. Water Well Standards
Chapter 3745-11. Connection Ban Standards
Chapter 3745-14. Nitrogen Oxides-Reasonably Available Control Technology
Chapter 3745-15. General Provisions on Air Pollution Control
Chapter 3745-16. Stack Height Requirements
Chapter 3745-17. Particulate Matter Standards
Chapter 3745-18. Sulfur Dioxide Regulations
Chapter 3745-19. Open Burning Standards
Chapter 3745-20. Asbestos Emission Control
Chapter 3745-21. Carbon Monoxide, Ozone, Hydrocarbon Air Quality Standards, and Related Emission Requirements
Chapter 3745-23. Nitrogen Oxide Standards
Chapter 3745-24. Nitrogen Oxide Emission Statements
Chapter 3745-25. Emergency Episode Standards
Chapter 3745-26. I/M Program Rules and Regulations
Chapter 3745-27. Solid Waste and Infectious Waste Regulations
Chapter 3745-28. Solid Waste Disposal Fees
Chapter 3745-29. Industrial Solid Waste Landfill Facilities
Chapter 3745-30. Residual Solid Waste Disposal
Chapter 3745-31. Permit-to-Install New Sources and Permit-to-Install and Operate Program
Chapter 3745-32. Section 401 Water Quality Certifications
Chapter 3745-33. Ohio NPDES Individual Permits
Chapter 3745-34. Underground Injection Control Program
Chapter 3745-35. Air Permits to Operate and Variances
Chapter 3745-36. Permit Program Regulating Discharge of Nondomestic Wastewater into a POTW
Chapter 3745-37. Licenses for Solid Waste, Infectious Waste Treatment, or Construction and Demolition Debris Facilities
Chapter 3745-38. Ohio NPDES General Permits
Chapter 3745-39. Phase II Storm Water Rules - Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s)
Chapter 3745-40. Sewage Sludge
Chapter 3745-42. Permits to Install and Plan Approvals for Water Pollution Control
Chapter 3745-45. Permit Fees
Chapter 3745-47. Procedural Rules
Chapter 3745-48. Accessing Confidential Personal Information
Chapter 3745-49. Miscellaneous Rules
Chapter 3745-50. Hazardous Waste Management System-General
Chapter 3745-51. Identification and Listing of Hazardous Waste
Chapter 3745-52. Generator Standards
Chapter 3745-53. Transporter Standards
Chapter 3745-54. General Facility Standards-New Facilities
Chapter 3745-55. Corrective Action, Closure, Post-Closure, and Financial Requirements
Chapter 3745-56. Surface Impoundments, Waste Piles, and Tanks
Chapter 3745-57. Disposal of Hazardous Waste in Landfills
Chapter 3745-58. Recyclable Material Standards
Chapter 3745-65. Interim Standards-General Provisions
Chapter 3745-66. Closure and Post-Closure Under Interim Standards
Chapter 3745-67. Surface Impoundments
Chapter 3745-68. Landfills, Incinerators, Thermal Treatment, Miscellaneous Units
Chapter 3745-69. Miscellaneous Treatment Methods
Chapter 3745-71. Lead Emissions
Chapter 3745-72. Low Reid Vapor Pressure Fuel Requirements
Chapter 3745-73. Total Reduced Sulfur
Chapter 3745-75. Infectious Waste Incinerator Limitations
Chapter 3745-76. Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Emissions
Chapter 3745-77. Title V Permits
Chapter 3745-78. Air Pollution Control Fees
Chapter 3745-79. Small Business Technical Assistance Program
Chapter 3745-80. Statewide Motor Vehicle Anti-Tampering Program
Chapter 3745-81. Primary Drinking Water Rules
Chapter 3745-82. Secondary Maximum Contaminant Levels
Chapter 3745-83. Operational Requirements
Chapter 3745-84. Public Water Systems Licenses
Chapter 3745-85. Contingency Plans
Chapter 3745-86. Drinking Water Protection Fund
Chapter 3745-87. New Community or Non-Transient Non-Community Public Water Systems
Chapter 3745-88. Disadvantaged Assistance
Chapter 3745-89. Laboratory Approval
Chapter 3745-90. Harmful Algal Blooms
Chapter 3745-91. Plans Approval
Chapter 3745-92. Escrow Requirements
Chapter 3745-95. Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control
Chapter 3745-96. Annual Report to Customers by Community Water System
Chapter 3745-99. Miscellaneous
Chapter 3745-100. Toxic Chemical Release Reporting
Chapter 3745-101. Transportation Conformity
Chapter 3745-102. General Federal Action Conformity
Chapter 3745-103. Acid Rain Operating Permits for Electrical Generating Units
Chapter 3745-104. Accidental Release Prevention Program
Chapter 3745-105. Pathological Waste Incinerators
Chapter 3745-108. Hg Budget Trading Program
Chapter 3745-109. Emissions Trading Programs
Chapter 3745-110. Nitrogen Oxides - Reasonably Available Control Technology
Chapter 3745-111. Voluntary Emission Reduction Credit Banking Program
Chapter 3745-112. Volatile Organic Compound Limits in Consumer Products
Chapter 3745-113. Architextural and Industrial Maintenance (AIM) Coatings
Chapter 3745-114. Toxic Air Contaminants
Chapter 3745-150. Water Pollution Control Loans
Chapter 3745-205. Hazardous Waste Containment Buildings, Munitions or Explosives
Chapter 3745-218. Containment Buildings for Hazardous Wastes Meeting No Visible Emissions Standard
Chapter 3745-248. Containment Buildings for Hazardous Wastes
Chapter 3745-256. Containment Buildings, Military Munitions
Chapter 3745-266. Disposal Standards
Chapter 3745-270. Hazardous Wastes Restricted from Land Disposal
Chapter 3745-273. Management Standards for Universal Waste
Chapter 3745-279. Used Oil Management Standards
Chapter 3745-300. Voluntary Action Program
Chapter 3745-352. Cessation of Regulated Operations (CRO) Rules
Chapter 3745-400. Disposal Methods for Construction and Demolition Debris; Licensed Facilities
Chapter 3745-500. Administration
Chapter 3745-501. Licensing
Chapter 3745-502. Solid Waste Disposal Fees
Chapter 3745-503. Financial Assurance
Chapter 3745-512. Construction
Chapter 3745-520. Construction and Demolition Debris Facilities
Chapter 3745-555. Solid Waste Transfer Facilities
Chapter 3745-560. Composting Facilities
Chapter 3745-599. Beneficial Use of Wastes