4723 Ohio Board of Nursing  

Chapter 4723-1. Board Organization and Records
Chapter 4723-2. Licensing for Active Duty Military and Veterans
Chapter 4723-3. Definitions
Chapter 4723-4. Standards of Practice Relative to Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse
Chapter 4723-5. Nursing Education Programs
Chapter 4723-6. Alternative Program for Chemical Dependency/Substance Use Disorder Monitoring
Chapter 4723-7. Examination and Licensure
Chapter 4723-8. Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Certification and Practice
Chapter 4723-9. Prescriptive Authority
Chapter 4723-10. Courses in Medication Administration
Chapter 4723-11. Peer Support Program
Chapter 4723-12. Personal Information System
Chapter 4723-13. Delegation of Nursing Tasks
Chapter 4723-14. Continuing Education
Chapter 4723-16. Hearings
Chapter 4723-17. Intravenous Therapy Courses for Licensed Practical Nurses
Chapter 4723-18. Practice Intervention and Improvement Program (PIIP)
Chapter 4723-19. Advanced Practice Nurses
Chapter 4723-20. Prevention of Disease Transmission
Chapter 4723-21. Delegation in MR/DD County Board Facilities [RESCINDED]
Chapter 4723-22. Delegation of the Authority to Give Oral and/or Apply Topical Medications in ICFS/MR with Fifteen or Fewer Residents [RESCINDED]
Chapter 4723-23. Dialysis Technicians
Chapter 4723-25. Nurse Education Grant Program
Chapter 4723-26. Community Health Workers
Chapter 4723-27. Medication Administration by Certified Medication Aide