4501 Department of Public Safety - Administration and Director  

Chapter 4501-1. Transportation of Pupils
Chapter 4501-3. Notice of Public Hearing
Chapter 4501-5. School Bus Minimum Standards
Chapter 4501-7. Commercial Driver Training Schools
Chapter 4501-8. Abbreviated Adult Driver Training Course
Chapter 4501-9. Rural Mail Delivery Vehicles-Flashing Lights
Chapter 4501-11. Funeral Escort Vehicles-Flashing Lights
Chapter 4501-13. Slow Moving Vehicle Emblem
Chapter 4501-15. Motor Vehicles-Lighting
Chapter 4501-17. Motorcycles-Lighting and Helmets
Chapter 4501-21. Remedial Driving Courses
Chapter 4501-23. Motorized Bicycles-Equipment and Testing
Chapter 4501-25. Vehicles Transporting Pre-School Children
Chapter 4501-27. License Plates
Chapter 4501-29. Snowmobiles and All-Purpose Vehicles
Chapter 4501-30. Inspection of Under-speed Vehicles or Utility Vehicles, or a Mini Truck
Chapter 4501-31. Traffic Accidents
Chapter 4501-33. Self-Assembled Motor Vehicle Inspections
Chapter 4501-37. Child Restraint Systems
Chapter 4501-39. Animal Drawn Vehicles
Chapter 4501-41. Transparent, Nontransparent, Translucent, and Reflectorized Materials on Windows of Vehicles
Chapter 4501-43. Maximum Height of Bumpers
Chapter 4501-45. Ignition Interlock Devices
Chapter 4501-47. Commercial Driver's License
Chapter 4501-50. Voluntary Motor Decal Registration Program
Chapter 4501-51. Citation Review Board
Chapter 4501-52. Bus Inspection
Chapter 4501-53. Motorcycle Safety and Education
Chapter 4501-54. Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Courses for Drivers Sixty and Over
Chapter 4501-55. Accessing Confidential Personal Information