5160 Medicaid  

Chapter 5160-1. General Provisions
Chapter 5160-2. Hospital Services
Chapter 5160-3. Long-Term Care Facilities; Nursing Facilities; Intermediate Care Facilities for the Mentally Retarded
Chapter 5160-4. Physician Services
Chapter 5160-5. Dental Services
Chapter 5160-6. Vision Care Services
Chapter 5160-7. Podiatric Services
Chapter 5160-8. Limited Practitioner Services
Chapter 5160-9. Pharmacy Services
Chapter 5160-10. Medical Supplies, Durable Medical Equipment, Orthoses, and Prosthesis Providers
Chapter 5160-11. Independent Laboratory and X-Ray Services
Chapter 5160-12. Ohio Home Care Program
Chapter 5160-13. Ambulatory Health Care Clinic Services
Chapter 5160-14. Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment Program (EPSDT) Services
Chapter 5160-15. Medical Transportation Services
Chapter 5160-16. Rural Health Services
Chapter 5160-17. Abortions
Chapter 5160-18. Freestanding Birth Center
Chapter 5160-20. Coordinated Services Program
Chapter 5160-21. Preconception Care Services
Chapter 5160-22. Ambulatory Surgery Center Services
Chapter 5160-24. Enhanced Medical Transportation Services
Chapter 5160-26. Managed Care Plan
Chapter 5160-27. Community Mental Health Agency Services
Chapter 5160-28. Cost-Based Clinic (FQHC, OHF, RHC) Services
Chapter 5160-29. Outpatient Health Facility Services
Chapter 5160-30. Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services
Chapter 5160-31. Medicaid Home and Community Based Services Waiver Portion of the PASSPORT Program
Chapter 5160-32. Choices Program
Chapter 5160-33. Assisted living HCBS waiver program
Chapter 5160-34. Medicaid Coverage of Skilled Therapies in Non-Institutional Settings
Chapter 5160-35. Medicaid School Program
Chapter 5160-36. Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)
Chapter 5160-40. HCBS Waiver VI Program
Chapter 5160-41. HCBS Waiver VII Program
Chapter 5160-42. Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services-Level One Waiver Program
Chapter 5160-43. Specialized Recovery Services Program
Chapter 5160-44. Home And Community-based Nursing Care
Chapter 5160-45. Administered Waiver Service Providers
Chapter 5160-46. Ohio home care waiver
Chapter 5160-48. Medicaid Coverage of Targeted Care Management Services Provided to Individuals with MR/DD
Chapter 5160-49. Ohio Access Success Project
Chapter 5160-50. Transitions carve-out waiver
Chapter 5160-51. HOME choice ("Helping Ohioans Move, Expanding Choice") demonstration program
Chapter 5160-54. Metrohealth Care Plus
Chapter 5160-56. Medicaid Hospice Program
Chapter 5160-57. Medicaid Provider Incentive Program
Chapter 5160-58. MyCare Ohio
Chapter 5160-70. Hearing or Review for Providers
Chapter 5160-71. Hearings for recovery of overpayments
Chapter 5160-80. Rights and Procedures Applicable to Medical Assistance Recipients