901:3 Food Safety  

Chapter 901:3-1. Food Processing Manufacturing Practices, Standards of Identity, and Labeling Requirements
Chapter 901:3-2. Retail Food Establishments-Health and Safety Rules
Chapter 901:3-3. Thermally Processed Low-Acid Foods Packaged in Hermetically Sealed Containers
Chapter 901:3-4. Retail Food Establishments-Licensing
Chapter 901:3-5. Processing Acidified Foods in Hermetically Sealed Containers
Chapter 901:3-6. Farm Markets and Auctions
Chapter 901:3-7. Fish and Fishery Products
Chapter 901:3-8. Shellfish Processing
Chapter 901:3-9. Standards of Identity for Milk, Cream, Butter, Other Dairy Products
Chapter 901:3-10. Milk and Milk Products
Chapter 901:3-12. Dairy and Dairy Products Sanitary Requirements
Chapter 901:3-14. Frozen Desserts
Chapter 901:3-16. Weighers, Samplers, Testers, Milk Haulers
Chapter 901:3-20. Cottage Food Production
Chapter 901:3-21. Food Processing Establishments
Chapter 901:3-23. Juice Product Processors
Chapter 901:3-25. Dairy Product Dealer Records
Chapter 901:3-31. Meat, Poultry, and Fish
Chapter 901:3-33. Meat and Poultry Establishments
Chapter 901:3-44. Tolerance Level Standards and Action Steps for Maple Syrup, Sorghum, and Honey
Chapter 901:3-45. Maple Syrup
Chapter 901:3-46. Exempt Maple Syrup and Sorghum Processors and Beekeepers: Standards and Rules
Chapter 901:3-57. Perishable Foods
Chapter 901:3-61. Bottle Water and Bulk Water
Chapter 901:3-62. Bottled Water
Chapter 901:3-63. Family Farm Loan Plan